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Call of the Fireflies

From slapping Koreans and foliage-shredding gun battles to chasing insects through the night.

Call of the Fireflies is a short exploration/puzzle mod for Crysis, and uses the vast terrain and explosion rendering power of the CryEngine2 to create something much more sedate. Starting in a sleeping mountain town, there are no explicit instructions as to where to go, but instead fireflies lead the way, through abandoned caves and frozen forests, highlighting points of interest- breaking up the area’s bleak palette with a flurry of yellow.

What’s notable about CotF is the intelligent use of colour in its design. Colour is a guide here, for both solving puzzles and pointing out areas of safety. There are no enemies, but there is an additional element of survival. Cold is your nemesis. Exposure to icy winds or even the briefest dip into water and the screen begins to frost up, movement slows to a crawl, with death soon to follow unless the smouldering orange of a torch or lantern  can be found.

Which isn’t often, as there is a lot of water in some sections and very few places of refuge, but the water does clearly define where you shouldn’t go, and finding a way over or around the various rivers and streams is the key to progression- with the aim of most of the puzzles being to create a bridge or divert the flow.

Call of the Fireflies is a wonderful example of showing off what else you can do with mod tools when you aren’t simply trying to emulate the original game.

(and I think that’s a really important question for mod communities to try and discover the answers for: what else can it do?)