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It’s 2am.

…and, thanks to the two months of Xbox live for two pounds offer, I’m playing Streetfighter online again. After getting slapped about in the quick matches by massively higher ranked players, I set up a custom search for players of a similar skill, but it’s 2am and, a few people aside, it seems like I can’t get a decent connection with any one of the dozen names I keep seeing. The few victories and close defeats I have experienced have  me committed to ‘just one more round” and I  keep refreshing the search, looking for that green signal.

Fuck it, they’ll do, they’re  orange but I’m sick of staring at bison’s face.

And it’s a total lag-fest, with most commands coming out a half a second later, and my Juri gets a thorough trouncing by Ryu. I tell myself I could have had him with a clean connection, but I know I didn’t need a win, I wanted a fight. A fight where in the close end to a second round I “felt” him move in for an ultra, dodged it, and finished him with a crouching heavy kick as he dropped out of the dragon punch animation. I don’t just want victories, I want moments like that, when I can feel the flow of the fight, which means more searching, more lag, and more fights.

And now it’s 2.30 am.